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Pillbox Visit and Homework info.

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Mr Davy here!

A huge thank you to Year 4 for being so respectful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable when we visited the WWII pillbox at Potters Bar Golf Club. The course staff were really impressed with the knowledge the children displayed and their attitude throughout the trip. Another thank you to the Alan Summers and everyone at Potters Bar Golf Cub for funding the trip as well as providing the incredibly golf  buggy transportation! Here are some pictures from the trip.

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The homework you handed in this weekend was fab. You have all clearly demonstrated a sound understanding of 2D shapes. Maths homework will usually be set on a Wednesday and handed in the following Wednesday. (Please see below for the current Maths homework).

We are currently reviewing the way in which we test spellings, so for the time being, all phonics and spelling work will be completed within school. Once clarified, further information and suggested activities will be sent home to parents.


Maths Homework

Your challenge this week is to discover what 3D shapes are in your house. You can either:

  • Draw the objects into your homework book (using a ruler!).
  • Take digital photos of the object and email them to me.
  • You may also bring the objects into school and we will photograph them together.


If you find an interesting 3D shape it could end up being displayed on our 3D shapes wall.

I expect at least 1 shape from everybody and if you are really confident show me how many shapes you can find.


Top Tip: Food packaging comes in all sorts of 3D shapes. What shape is a can of baked beans? What shape is a box of Toblerone?




Numeracy task and Monday’s visit

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For the past week, Year 4 have been learning about the different properties of 2D shapes. We will be using our knowledge to identify the different shapes used in the designing of WWII Pillboxes.

Here is a copy of the text from the homework letter that was sent out today:

“Use a ruler or draw around objects at home to create a ‘Polygon person’

Choose to draw: ‘Quadrilateral Quinn’ Or ‘Parallelogram Penny’.

Quadrilateral Quinn must only be created out of 4 sided 2D shapes.

Parallelogram Penny must only be created ou t of 4 sided 2D shapes with 2 sets of parallel lines.

This homework task can  be completed plain side of A4 and should be handed in by next Wednesday.

Don’t forget to bring a rainproof coat/jacket for Monday’s visit to the WWII pillbox at Potters Bar golf  course – the coach will leave at 9am sharp!

I hope you all have an excellent weekend.

Mr Davy

Our first week full in Year 4

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Thank you to Marcus for the first blog comment! I am still getting used to how to use the blog and did not manage to ‘publish’ the blog entry from the end of last week. Here it is again, complete with links to the Maths websites:

Keep checking back as you will be able to find out what we have been studying at school.

We have made a great start to Year 4. 

This week in Literacy we have discovered how authors create and develop characters in fiction novels. The class learnt to use adverbs to describe the character’s actions as well as the importance of character dialogue and adjectives.  This was put into practice through writing our own scene for the Michael Morpurgo novel, Friend or Foe. The work produced was of a very high standard and the use of adverbs was wonderful. Keep this up!

If you want to practice more number bonds or place value, please click on the following links:

The class have also been finding out what life must have been like during the Blitz in our class Anderson Shelter as well as preparing seed beds for our ‘Dig for Victory’ Winter garden. Here are some pictures:

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Today Year 4 considered how evacuees would have felt when they had to leave their families in London. This is to prepare us for our diary entry and letter writing activities later in the week. Look at the photos of our role play performances:

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This afternoon as a team building activity, Year 4 worked together to camoflage a tank. Which group do you think did the best job?

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We have had a great start to the term! The summer homework projects are fantastic and the classroom looks wonderful with planes hanging from the ceiling and research projects displayed on the walls. It really is brilliant to see you all so enthusiastic about the current project.

I would like to say I am very proud of the way in which each of you have started Year 4. You are showing an increased level of maturity and have produced some very impressive work this week. Particularly your Numeracy and Literacy work. Well done!

 On the first day of term we played a game to see if we could guess ‘our wishes’ that were made in Reception. Afterwards we thought of some new wishes and wrote them onto a flying lantern and watched as our wishes floated up into the sky. You can watch the video here:

Here’s to a fantastic year of learning!

Mr Davy