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Click the website links to play some fun games and learn at the same time. Enjoy!

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Have you ever played Space Invaders?


It was one of the first ever popular video games in the 1980’s. Before everyone had computers at home they used to play games such as Space Invaders on arcade machines like this one here:

You can play a version of the game here which also helps us become very fast at typing.  Click the link below 

***If is not working  simply click your mouse cursor on the game window.***

Click the link below to play ‘Fishy Times Tables’. It is a really fun game and you can practice your tables at the same time!

Click the link below if you want to find out the differences between a wartime 1940’s and a modern house.

What has changed a lot? Has anything stayed the same?

There are lots more educational games to be found on the following websites:

Particularly look out for games that practice the areas we have covered in class. This includes: place value, addition and subtraction, times tables (x3, x4), 2D and 3D shapes, negative numbers and number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.

See you all on the 1st of November!

Mr Davy


Lincolnsfield World War II Experience

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I am sure that you are all feeling tired after such an action packed day!

Year 4 found out what evacuation must have been like for children in 1939. After arriving at the village hall  the evacuees were given instructions by the billeting officer. A while later groups spilt off and took part in a variety of exciting and interesting activities. Amongst them included; rushing to a bomb shelter during an Air Raid, digging for worms in the Dig for Victory garden so that we could feed the chickens, exploring a 1940’s house, learning about life for civilians during the war, learning about a soldier’s life and handling WWII artefacts, as well as being transported in the back of a US Army van which was used in the D-Day landings!

As usual, every one of you represented Wroxham incredibly well. You were all polite, enthusiastic and had excellent answers. Thank you Year 4.

Here are some selected photos from our visit.

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