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A New Week

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Hello Year 4,

Sorry for the delay in this week’s blog post. I had some problems logging onto the blog.

Thank you for all your wonderful messages, it is great to see you all using the blog. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Learning at home

Thank you to everybody who have been researching different parts of the Universe and bringing in presentations. Already we have had presentations on some of planets in the Solar System as well as some Dwarf Planets including Makemake. Thank you to Michael for his presentation on this Dwarf planet with a rather strange name!

Sound of the Week

Our new sound of the week is words ending in -tion.

Please keep investigating words containing this pattern and practice these at home in preparation of the Investigation on Friday.


We will begin learning about Poetry this week and develop our understanding of the features of poems. Including similes, metaphors and rhyming schemes. We will analyse some poems written about the Planets and Space and begin writing our own poems.


Last week we practiced using our Maths knowledge to solve word problems relating to our ‘Mission to Space’ topic. You were all able to used your knowledge of fractions and time to solve some of the problems. As well as demonstrate a good understanding of various Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction strategies to solve further problems. Well done. 

This week we will be using our knowledge of measuring to make Moon Cakes for the ‘Mission to Space’ as well as review co-ordinates and directional language to help us navigate the Rocket on it’s Mission!

Times Tables – We will continue to practice times tables during the week, however please practice at home to help you remember them. The 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, and 7’s are the tables that we are currently reviewing. If you need more practice practice, here are some great games to help you:

Speed Stacking

There is a Speed Stacking tournament at Dame Alice Owen School on Thursday afternoon. The whole class will be participating and it will be a great opportunity to develop our team working skills as well as our fine motor skills. It should be great fun.

If you have not received a letter, please speak with the Mrs Pickard at the Office who will be able to supply spare letters.

National School’s Observatory

It is great to see so many of you using this site. Liverpool University have informed me that snow, ice and cloud are currently stopping the Telescope from working but they hope to have it up and running soon. Your submissions for images of the Universe will be kept on file and you should be sent these images as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to check the Student Zone for great quizzes and applications to discover more about Planets in our Solar System.

Forest Schools and P.E.

Please remember that Forest Schools is on Monday afternoons and P.E. is on Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure that you have your kit in schools on these days.

See you all tomorrow.

Mr Davy


Spelling Investigation – OU pattern

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Don’t forget our class spelling investigation tomorrow.

All the words must include the OU spelling pattern.

Here a few ideas – shout, bought, brought, could, should.

Remember that you should be practicing these spellings  and home and finding new words to share with the class.

If you’ve misplaced the spelling activity sheet please see below. (You can copy and paste this information into a MS Word document to print off).

The Dice Game

 With a list of at least 8 chosen words containing the sound pattern of the week, roll a dice and try the corresponding activity:

1)   Speed Spelling – Write the word as many times as you can in 30 seconds.

2)   Sentence challenge – Write a sentence that includes the word. (Make sure it makes sense).

3)   Odd one out – Ask someone to write the word 3 different ways, one being the correct way of spelling it and ask the child to identify which spelling is correct.

4)   Mnemonic – Make up a mnemonic for the word (for example with the word ‘said’ – Sally Ann Is Dancing.

5)   Blind Spelling – Write the word 3 times with your eyes closed.

6)   The ‘other hand’ challenge – Write the word 3 times using your other hand!

Happy spelling!

Week ending 21st January

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This week we have continued to learn about the Solar System and Earth’s place within it.

Our New Sound of the Week is:

Words containing – OU


This week we created our own planets using specific adjectives to describe planetary features. We wrote information texts about these planets and their features. In addition, we wrote persuasive texts to attempt to attract would be tourists to the new planet!


This week we have revisited fractions. We will look again at Fractions this coming week in our week long maths investigation. In the context of  “A Mission into Space’, Year 4 will be reviewing our addition, subtraction, divisions and multiplication calculating strategies as well as revisit distance, meausuring and baking.

For further practice with Fractions try out the games on this website. Write comments to tell us which games you found most useful to help your learning.

Here are some pictures from our P.E. Dance lesson. We have been creating dance movements and beginning to choreograph dance sequences. The music is written about Mars It was composed in 1915 by Gustav Holt along with a piece of music for every other known planet.

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BBC Stargazing live have responded to an email that was sent by Year 4. We asked the following questions:

1) Which planet was the first to form in the Solar System.
2) Do all planets have seasons?
3) How big can a star get?
>—-Original Message—-

>>>Date: 21-Jan-2011 13:04
>>>To: “Sdavy”
>>>Subj: RE: Primary school class questions
Hello Mr Davy and Year 4 Class,

Thank you for getting in touch with Stargazing LIVE. Unfortunately we cannot answer all of the question you sent in, but we can answer one- so here goes.

How big can a star get? 

Stars do comes in lots of different sizes. Some of the biggest stars have a diametre that is approximately 2000 times larger than that of  the Sun.

Which means if you were to measure the Sun across it’s middle, these stars would be 2000 times larger!   

Happy stargazing!

The Stargazing LIVE team

Sound of the Week – OU

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Our new Sound of the Week is:

Words containing OU

We will learn about this sound and practice spellings in our phonics session. Please continue to practice these spellings at home in the evening.

Have you found any interesting words containing OU?   Tell us about them and write a comment.

Come and see me if you need another sheet containing the activities and games to help learn spellings.

Mr Davy

Our week

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A huge thank you to Mr Billing and Mrs Munn who have done a fantastic job covering my sickness this week. I am feeling much better and should be back with you all on Monday!

I’ve missed teaching you all this week and look forward to seeing all the wonderful work you have done. Particularly the fiction stories you have written, inspired by a very old French film!







This week Year 4 watched film made in 1902 called ‘Le Voyage dans la Lune’, which as I am sure you now know translates as;  ‘A Trip to the Moon’. 

It is fascinating to see the weird and wonderful ideas from over 100 years ago. Particularly the aliens that the explorers find on the moon, as well as the ‘space rocket’ they designed. Remember, this film was made nearly 40 years before the first rockets were invented! (Remember the V1 and V2 Rockets in WWII?).

I am also looking forward to finding out which planets and moons that you have chosen to visit as well as the alien species you have created!

If you would like to watch download or download a free copy of ‘Le Voyage dans la Lune’ Click the below link.

It is only 15 minutes long so shouldnt take too long to download



The numeracy fous of the week was Time, which included telling the time and solving time problems.

Please can children and families please continue to practice telling the time.

Here is a link to online Time Telling GAMES!

Over the next two weeks, we will be developing our understanding of fractions and decimals.

Spelling Investigation

Please think of  some common words that you find tricky to spell (6 would be great).

We will collate everybody’s words together to help improve our spellings.  Here are a few examples:

Because –  Everyone – Could


Have an excellent  weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday.

Mr Davy

The Universe

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Hello Year 4,

It has been great to see you so interested in your new topic.  Some very thoughtful questions have been asked. Keep it up!

Spelling Investigation

Please think of  some common words that you find tricky to spell (6 would be great).

We will collate everybody’s words together to help improve our spellings.  Here are a few examples:

Because –  Everyone – Could

A Challenge for you!

You have been researching your House Group planet so we can make a Year 4 information book on the planets in our Solar System.

Try and find out some interesting facts on the other planets, Uranus and Mercury. Also, try to found out about Pluto. Is it a planet?

Here is a good starting point:

Have a great weekend:

Mr Davy