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New Sound of the Week

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Don’t forget it is our Spelling Investigation tomorrow with the ‘ear’ sound.

Next week, our sound of the week is:

‘ar’ sound

Spelling pattern:

‘ar’:    are – car – dark – card –

‘al’:     calm, half, palm.

‘a’:    father, rather.

Can you find any more words with the ‘ar’ sound?


Tree planting – Plant growth and Seed Germination

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Over the past few weeks, we have been reviewing our understanding of plant growth. We are currently investigation seed germination in Science and have lots of Black Eyed Beans in various liquids and different temperatures to discover what might affect their germination rate. Currently the beans in orange juice and hot chocolate have not yet germinated and the seeds in water are showing signs of germination. Watch this space for photos and our conclusions.

As you know, Year 4 have also been learning about the different types of trees and bushes.  We have been identifying them during the Winter months by analysing their buds and twigs. In addition to planting trees in Heartswood Forest, Year 4 have also been planting saplings and bushes on the school field.

Here are some pics:

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Next Week – Asia

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Week commencing 7/3/11

This week we will be learning about the continent of Asia.

In Literacy we shall learn about a traditional tale from China, which is called ‘The Fox  and the Crab have a race’. We will also be studying  the features of playscripts whilst reviewing the past, present and future tense in English grammar. Through the week we will plan, write and act out playscripts of this traditional tale.

In Numeracy we will be learning about ordering numbers (including decimals), strategies to help us add and subtract tricky numbers and review symmetry and shape. This links nicely with our Art focus of the week, in which we will look at Indian Rangoli patterns and how these beautiful and symmetrical patterns are linked to the religious beliefs of some Indians.  In Geography we will learn bout the key countries and capital cities that make up the Continent of Asia, whilst learning about the population numbers of these countries and the River Ganges, which has an important role in Indian cultural and spiritual living.

Don’t forget to bring in Forest school gear tomorrow as well as a food container, should you wish to take home some of the vegetable curry we will be making!

Here are some lovely pictures of the AMAZING Totem Poles which you all made last week in our Art lessons.

See you on Monday!

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