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Bird Watching Hides

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In Forest School we learnt about Sir Peter Scott (1909 – 1989). He is  a famous bird and wildlife painter as well as a conservationist. We learnt that Sir Scott used to be interested in wildlife and was a  hunter when he was a young man. He decided to stop hunting after seeing how much suffering his hunting was causing and decided to try and help protect British wildlife.

As well as co-founding the World Wildlife fund (WWF), he created many ‘wetland’ bird sanctuaries across Britain. He was Knighted in 1973 for his contribution to the conservation of wild animals.

In the same spirit of Sir Scott, Year 4 looked at the different designs of birdwatching hides and then we created our own hides using tarpaulin, camouflage netting and ropes. Once they were constructed we settled down quietly to carry out a spot of bird watching. If you want to identify birds in your own garden or visit a new wetland bird site in London, click on the following links:

Enjoy the photos!

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 See if you can spot  the Horse Chestnut buds and leaves, one photo was taken last week and the other was taken this week. Can you spot the difference?


Space Exploration News Reports

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These news reports are absolutely fantastic. Thank you to Mr Billing for doing such a great job editing the videos!

To find out more about Space exploration, Year 4 researched the BBC archives. Click on the link to carry out your own research. (

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