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The Battle of Barnet

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Year 4 proudly present, The Battle of Barnet!

I am incredibly proud of all the amazing work you have put into this. The planning,  script writing, acting and improvisation are all of a very high standard! I hope you enjoy it and that your family and friends can learn about the historically important battle that happened a few miles from our school.

‘”To Barnet!”

If you want to find out more about the battle that we have been learning about in class, click the following links:



Susan Bugg in Argentina

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Over the half term, Year 4’s very own Susan Bugg is travelling to Argentina to visit her older sister Helen, who is currently teaching English to Argentinian school children.

Susan and her Dad have made a blog so that we can keep updated with her travels and learn about the Argentina and South America!


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Lawn Bowls

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During Tudor times playing Bowls was very popular indeed! Henry VIII noticed that people were spending long periods of time playing the game,  so he imposed a law that required people to pay a 100 Pounds fee! This was a great deal of money for people living in Tudor times, so Bowls became a game for rich people only.  Henry believed that the men should be using their free time to practice Archery and working in their trades. Interestingly, the banning of Bowls happened in France for the same reasons.

 The ban was lifted in 1845 when King James I, encouraged lawn bowling to be played
by the public and also encouraged any other skilled sport to be played providing it wasn’t

We have been incredibly lucky as the Potters Bar and District Bowls Club have kindly accepted our offer to come and take part in our P.E. lessons. Until  half term, we will be have the coaching expertise and wonderful equipment of the Club. We are all incredibly grateful for this kind offer and look forward to our next sessions and thank you to Pam, Graham and Brian for being such wonderful coaches.

Have a look at the photos from yesterday and click the links underneath to find out more about  the Potters Bar Bowls Club and the sport in general.

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Forest Schools with Year 1

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On Monday we took Year 1 under our wings and taught them how to make bird watching hides. We used to hides to ‘spot’ the various birds that can be found on our school grounds.

Enjoy the pictures!

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The War of the Roses and class information

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Today we began learning about the War of the Roses which,  as you now know, was a series of 17 battles between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. These were two powerful families who both believed that they should rule the country. The Civil War ended when King Richard III, of the House of York, was defeated by Henry Tudor’s army at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Henry Tudor became King Henry VII and married Elizabeth of York, which unified the feuding families and brought peace to Britain. The Tudor dynasty then spanned over 100 years and ended when Queen Elizabeth I died, allowing the The Stuart Family to become the new monarchy and rule the country.

Year 4 were absolutely brilliant this morning and used Google Map to locate the various locations of the different battles between the House of Lancaster and House of York. All of the house groups were able to identify the locations and mark them on a map. Well done for being such brilliant learners and working together so well!

Here are some pictures of the research and the class display we made today:

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If you want to find out more about the War of the Roses click the following links:

============== >>>>

This one has the Battle of Bosworth game we tried out today:

============== >>>>

Maths Homework

Please could you try to complete a task from page 26 by Wednesday. REMEMBER: The grid method is one strategy to complete Multiplication challenges. You may find column multiplication is better for you or using your times tables knowledge to calculate the sums. Reflect on the strategy that is right for you. IF THE CHALLENGES ARE TOO TRICKY FOR YOU, USE YOUR TIME TO PRACTICE YOUR TIMES TABLES (2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s and 10’s). Come in to school and tell me what your are working on. If you find the grid method tricky we will run a small group activity to help you practice these and learn strategies to help you.

There are lots of links on the ‘Website Links’ page of the blog if you need to practice your times tables. We will continue to practice these in class using Percy Parker.

P.E. and Forest Schools

We will continue to have Forest Schools on Monday afternoons and P.E. on Tuesdays and Fridays. Make sure you bring your kits in for these days. If you find it hard to remember your kits. Bring them in at the start of the week and leave them in school on your pegs. I’m sure you can carry the bags so your Mums and Dads are not burdened by the extra bags on your way to school!

Next Week

We will be finishing our work on Shakepeare’s Macbeth during our Literacy as well as reviewing: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division strategies during our Maths lessons.

We will also be beginning our investigation into the Battle of Barnet and discover what the mystery is! I am very excited. I hope you are too.

Have an excellent weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday!

Mr D

The Tudor Family Tree

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Hello everybody.

Thanks for being patient with the Blog update. I must say that I am terribly excited about us learning about the Tudors. It was an era that spanned a little over 100 years yet it is a fascinating time in British history that saw a great deal of changes and developments in people’s lives. It is great to see you all so engaged and excited about the topic.

To begin the topic we learnt about the Tudor family tree and discovered how Kings and Queens found themselves on the throne and ruling the country. We also reflected on our family trees and produced some fantastic watercolours.

I hope you enjoy the videos and photos!

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Ooooh! I nearly forgot! Here are the links to the family tree websites should you wish to discover more about the history of the British monarchy or even use old Census information to research your own family trees. (You may need to search for relatives who would have lived in Britain over 80 years ago – unless you want to pay money!).





Tudor Family Tree Video

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