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Memories of World War II

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It is very interesting to hear that some of you have neighbours and relatives that experienced life during WWII. Here is picture of a Great Grandfather who served in France during the war.

It would be great to hear any memories or stories that


Camouflage – Forest Schools

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I have been impressed with your understanding of camouflage, a lot of you have painted excellent camouflage on your planes. Some even had black or blue paint underneath which helped camouflage planes used in the day or night.

In Forest Schools we have been learning about the different ways animals have adapted to their surroundings, their fur or skin colour often blending in with the landscape.

The class split into two groups. One group studying an area of ground for insects that are well camouflaged in their surroundings, while the other camouflaged a ‘tank’.

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Year 4 Musical Instrument ‘Try Outs’

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Here are some photos from today’s excellent session. Thank you to all of our talented music teachers for the great performance of ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme tune.

Playing a musical instrument is a fantastic hobby to have. It is great fun to learn new songs or perform for people. You can also meet lots of people and make great friends through orchestras or bands.

I know that the school’s orchestra is hoping for some new Cello, Bassoon and Horn players. Herts music service also offer a fantastic instrument hire scheme, where new instruments can be hired for a term for around £20. Letters should have been received today.

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Dig for Victory

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We learnt this week that food and resources were scarce during World War II. A lot of the farmers and young working men were fighting for the army overseas while Nazi Germany was attacking and sinking ships carrying food imports. The British government tried to solve this problem by launching the national ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign.

Dig for Victory encouraged young women to work on farms and in the countryside in order to help sow, grow and harvest fruits and vegetables. In addition, the public were provided information to help them all become urban farmers and grown vegetables in the back gardens. The vegetables were even grown on the roofs of Anderson Shelters.

Today we measured and mapped out the freshly prepared allotment area in the school, with these measurements we understand how many vegetables we will be able to plant. Watch this space!

(Thank you to Mr Andrews and Mr Owers for the great prepareration work over the Summer!)

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A new academic year.

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Welcome to Year 4!

I must say that I am incredibly impressed and happy with the new Year 4’s. You should all be very proud of the mature and enthusiastic start to the year that you have already made. There have been some excellent sessions already this week where you have demonstrated a keen interest in the new topic as well as asking thoughtful questions.

Its been a pleasure sharing in your summer homework projects, I can see that you have worked to hard to research planes and WWII in general. There have been some excellent information posters as well as wonderfully constructed planes and comprehensive information books. A huge well done!

This week, we have begun to understand the causes of World War II and why Britain declared war on Nazi Germany.  We have also started to learn how ordinary people’s lives were affected by the war, where people living in London and other cities built Air Raid shelters in their back gardens!

It was nice to see you all engaged with the role play and museum area of the classroom. Here is a picture of Alex and Taya dressed up in authentic army issue clothing, standing outside our ‘Anderson Shelter’.

If you want to recap on our learning about Anderson Shelters click the following link ===============>