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Half term reading challenge

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Hello everybody!

It’s great to see so many of you have taken on my challenge to improve you Maths skills by using the website links. Keep it up!

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday and hear about the stories you have been reading over half term. Feel share your reading experiences by leaving a comment. Have you enjoyed your books so far? What do you like about the stories?

See you all on Monday!

Mr D


Forest Schools – Grid Coordinates & General Information (including Homework)

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*** Check out the new blog posts, lots of lovely photos of your learning ***

In Forest Schools, we have learnt how to read Grid Reference Coordinates.  After solving addition and subtraction sums, the children were able to identify coordinates and find hidden letters. The letters formed the secret word ‘friend’, which was the password to the treasure chest! The class discussed what makes a good friend and a good learner. The children nominated classmates who have been a good friend or helped with learning this week.

It was a great way to end the week!

Enjoy the Inset day and see you all on Monday!

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Over the past weeks, Year 4 have analysed features and produced instruction texts, descriptive writing and Narrative Fiction texts. Our grammar focus has developed our understanding of punctuation, time connectives and using adverbs and adjectives to help develop characters and make our writing more interesting.  We have also developed our reviewing and editing techniques. Next week we will be writing our own fiction narrative stories set in the context of evacuation.


Through the half term, the class have reviewed our understanding and learnt about; place value, partitioning, number bonds, addition strategies, estimating, measuring, number sequences (including negative numbers) and fractions.


Fractions – To develop your understanding of Fractions, click on the following links: (leave comments to let us know if you found the games useful).

Challenge 1=========>

Challenge 2/3/4 (the games increase in difficulty) =========>

Sound of the Week Phonics – Please keep working on your sound of the week spellings and word hunting! We have a new display to share great words that include our sound of the week, please bring in any words you find so we can celebrate your learning.

Numeracy – It is important that you continue to work on your Times Tables at home. Keep using all the different games on the ‘Great Website Links site to help you. Fishy Times Tables, the Grand Prix, Shoot the Ghost and the Spitfire game appear to be the most popular. Leave a comment to help your classmates if you find any other game enjoyable.



Science – Seed Germination

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Through this half term, the class have learnt about seed germination, plants, flowers and pollination. The children set up an investigation to discover how changes in temperature and liquids can affect seed germination.

We set up a Fair Test, made predictions and have been observing the changes to the seeds.

Here are some photos showing the predicting and setting up of a Fair Test investigation.

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Art – Andy Warhol

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Over the course of the year, the class will learn about some of the work produced by different artists.  These include Dali, Van Gogh, Gormley, Leibovitz and also Andy Warhol.

Year 4 learnt that Andy Warhol played a major role in the ‘Pop Art’ movement. He took inspiration from popular culture including consumer and celebrity culture. Warhol liked to take everyday objects and through the use of bold colour and printing techniques, create visually striking art. After reviewing a variety of his work, the children used bold shading to create 3D perspective in a variety of fruits. Come and see our ‘Warhol Fruit Bowl’ display in the classroom! It looks great!

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Numeracy – Fractions

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This week we have learnt about Fractions.  After learning about the fundamental principles of fractions, the children were tasked to prepare a presentation to ‘teach’ others about Fractions. Scotch pancakes were used to help and provided a tasty treat at break!

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Lincolnsfield Pics Part 2

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Here are some more photos from the Lincolnsfield trip.

A few more to follow…

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Lincolnsfield Childrens Centre – Evacuation day.

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What a fantastic day! Thank you for making it such a pleasure.

All the staff at the centre (Soldiers, Billeting Officers, Female Farmers etc.) were astounded at your knowledge of life during World War II. They also commented on the mature way you conducted yourselves as well as the thoughtful questions you asked.

In the words of the American Army Captain. “They are a credit to school!”

Well done Year 4. I am incredibly proud!

Enjoy the photos, there are more from the other groups to come.

Mr D

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