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The Battle of Hastings Film (1066) & Home learning information

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Here it is!

The Premiere of Year 4’s film, The Battle of Hastings! The acting is superb and really brings to life William the Conqueror’s Norman conquest.

I am especially proud of the knowledge you possess following our study of the Bayeux tapestry and 1066.

This film is a superb example of the wonderful work we can produce when we work completely as team, communicating positively and respecting all group members. Well done Year 4!

Click the link to watch the film================>

*** Home Learning ***

Magpie Challenge – Finish off writing sentences for our new homework challenge using words from collected from all you wonderful Magpies! Bring these in on Monday.

Maths – (We will go through on Wedndesday) Please choose a challenge that is right for you, think about Column Subtraction and how confident you now feel with it. Challenge 3 includes sums that require you to ‘take from the next column’.  Remember – The correct challenge for you should not be ‘easy’, nor should it be too ‘hard’ to complete. We learn best when we really have to think hard about the question/task. Enjoy!

Sound of the Week – Our new sound will be given out on Monday


Year 4 Leading the Way!

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We are always looking at ways in which we can challenge ourselves, this is not isolated just to learning, but the wider school life too.

Year 4 are currently on a campaign to make break and lunch times a more inclusive and supportive place. Here are some pictures of games, songs and clapping rhymes that Year 4 are creating and sharing. If there were any games, songs and rhymes that families enjoyed at school, we’d love to hear from you. We will then share them with the wider school community. Please leave comments below!!!

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1066 – The Battle of Hastings

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Here are some photos of our Battle of Hastings recreation. The children showed an excellent understanding of the main events that led to William the Conqueror becoming King William  I. After studying the Bayeux Tapestry, the children researched and made their own Norman armour, then went about writing scenes and scripts to dramatise the event.

Please come to our library to see Year 4’s recreation of the Bayeux Tapestry and click the below link to see the real thing. It is a truly unique and remarkable historical source, commissioned by William the Conqueror’s Brother, Odo. It was created a few years after the 1066 invasion and demonstrates the Norman interpretation of the events leading to the fateful battle near Hastings. An event which changed the course of British history forever. William I revolutionised the way the country was controlled and (for better or worse!) introduced taxes following his commissioned Census of the population. The Domesday book.

Keep tuned for a possible film of the Battle of Hastings by the children of Year 4!

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We have been refining our gymnastic skills in P.E. this half term.  You have created some excellent routines and worked hard to produce creative and impressive group presentations.

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Numeracy & D&T

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We have had a busy few weeks in Year 4 – Here are some pictures to share our learning.

The Maths 2D shape board games you created were absolutely fantastic! I was so impressed with your designing skills, creative ideas and team working. I think we may have some brilliant product development skills!

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1066 The Battle of Hastings

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As part of our school history week, Year 4 are learning about a very important moment in British history, The Battle of Hastings. This morning we have been learning about the battle and the Bayeux Tapestry. Stay tuned for more pics of learning!







Pillbox trip

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We had a fantastic time at the pillbox. Thank you to the club for their hospitality and the children for their excellent subject knowledge and hospitality. More pics and info to follow!