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Merry Christmas!!! VE Day party pictures

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Merry Christmas to both children and families. We all hope that you enjoy the festive break and come back energised and ready to learn about our new topic, the Universe!

A huge thank you from the whole Year 4 teaching team for the lovely messages and incredibly generous gifts we have been given. It is very touching and we really appreciate the gesture.

If you get a chance over the holidays, it would be lovely to see some information posters, presentations or booklets about space, the stars, planets in the new year. Share it with the class to get our topic off to a flying start. Here are some useful links:

Here is a list of some Maths puzzle and logic games to keep your brains thinking!

VE – Day Party

Thank you to our wonderful guests who came to our VE Day party. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about life for children in Potters Bar during the War as our guests all roughly the same age as Year 4’s during the conflict. The stories, photos and artefacts that our guests brought with them were fascinating and incredibly unique!

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Friday 9th December – Fun Swim

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Tomorrow will be our last swimming session in Year 4 and to celebrate, we will be having a fun swim session.

We will be leaving school at 9.20am and returning at approximately 11.ooam.

Visit from Local Historians

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Thank you to both Terry and Brian from the Potters Bar Historical Society for visiting the class to share artefacts and stories from growing up in Potters Bar during WWII.

Potters Bar has its own museum which houses many interesting artefacts from both world wars including wreckage from a Zeppelin airship which was shot down and landed in Oakmere park during WWI! The Museum can be found in the Wyllotts Centre, here is a link to the website ===========>

Please look at the pictures and leave comments to tell us any stories you remember about the artefacts or photos!

Also, see if you recognise where the photos were taken! Most were in Potters Bar with some in South Mimms and Barnet. Leave a comment if you identify anywhere!

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Cracking the secret codes in WWII – The Enigma Machine

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We recently learnt about the code-breakers working at Bletchley Park, who managed to crack a secret Nazi code used to send secret messages during WWII. Here is a link to find out more ======>

Interestingly, code-breakers are still used by the Government today to try and crack codes and secret messages. The Government department, known as GCHQ are currently trying to recruit new code-breakers. For fun, try to crack a code they have put online. Don’t worry if you can’t! It is very tricky!



Lancaster Bomber Memories

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We have been incredibly lucky to see some very rare artefacts from a Lancaster Bomber. Mr V’s Granddad was a navigator on a Lancaster Bomber during WWII. He kept one of the navigation maps from a nightime raid over Germany. Using these maps the children plotted the route of the bomber and calculated the total distance where 1cm = 10 miles. We also drew on grid references and developed our geographical understanding of Europe by locating various English, French, Dutch and German towns.

Enjoy the pictures:

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