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Northern Lights from Space

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Stargazing Evening

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Thank you for all those that made it to the Stargazing Evening. The night was a stellar success and it was wonderful to see the children sharing their knowledge and families sharing in their passion for learning.

I hope that you all now feel confident to go out on a clear night and locate the Orion constellation where you can find the Super Redgiant star, Betelgeuse! Also look out for the Plough (Ursa Major/Great Bear), follow  up from the imaginary line the last two stars create. Look for the bright star and you will see Polaris, also known as the pole star. This is directly in line with the Earth’s rotational axis and appears to stand still as all the other stars pass around it throughout the night.

Thank you to Year 4’s wonderful Learning Support Assistants, Mrs O’Conor and Mrs B for helping make the night a real success. In addition, thanks also to Andrew Bull for his expertise and incredible telescope.

Remember, you do not need a telescope to identify constellations and planets. A good pair of binoculars will help you (the bigger the frontal lense the better), or simply use your naked eye. Explore the Stellarium software to learn about the night sky. Remember, it is a virtual simulation and shows you what is above your heads LIVE!

Click here to download a free copy of the software for all operating systems =====>

Click here to explore our amazing Galaxy, the Milky Way=====>

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Maths and ICT

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We have been writing our own Maths word problems and used MS Excel to create a Maths quiz. We set conditions on cells so that cell turns green when a correct answer is typed in. The cell turns when the wrong answer is typed in.

Great job Year 4. You mastered a tricky Excel technique!

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Stargazing Evening Tonight!

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We look forward to welcoming you to our twilight celebration of the Night Sky!

With the blanket of ice covering the playground and the white cloud forecast, it seems unlikely that we will actually be able to see many stars.

We have planned for such an event and the hall will serve as a virtual night sky, with a projection of the stars on to a big screen and the opportunity to use one of many laptops to take the time to explore the night sky using simulation software.

See you there!

Sports Hall Athletics

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Congratulation Year 4 for coming 2nd in the Primary Sports Hall Athletics  Tournament. I was so proud of the support and encouragement you gave each other!

Here are some photos!

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