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Tudor Tennis

Posted in Uncategorized on April 26, 2012 by Mr Davy

Tennis was a popular Tudor sport played by Henry VIII, he even had his own court at Hampton Court Palace.

Year 4 have begun learning the skills required to play Tennis and already it appears we are naturals! Thank you to Miss Philps from Owen’s School for coming to Wroxham to make the first session a real success. We look forward to honing our skills.

Tudor sports – Click the link:!

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Wecome to the Tudor Period – The Wars of The Roses

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As part of our new topic, the Tudors, this morning we began learning about the Wars of the Roses. The Wars of the Roses, as you now know, was a series of 17 battles between the House of Lancaster  and the House of York. These were two powerful families who both believed that they should rule the country. The Civil War ended when King Richard III, of the House of York, was defeated by Henry Tudor’s army at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Henry Tudor became King Henry VII and married Elizabeth of York, which unified the feuding families and brought peace to Britain. The Tudor dynasty then spanned over 100 years and ended when Queen Elizabeth I died, allowing the The Stuart Family to become the new monarchy and rule the country.

Why were they called Wars of the Roses?

Year 4 were absolutely brilliant this morning and used Google Map to locate the various locations of the different battles between the House of Lancaster and House of York. All of the house groups were able to identify the locations and mark them on a map.

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If you want to find out more about the War of the Roses click the following links:


This link  has a Battle of Bosworth simulator game!