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Year 4 Create Rivers

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We have been learning about the importance of Rivers for transportation during Tudor times.  As Tudor roads were dangerous and troublesome to travel on, rivers were an important aspect of town and castle planning for Tudors.

Yesterday, Year 4 put their understanding of rivers and forces into practice by creating their own rivers! By considering the features of rivers whilst also thinking about gravity and erosion caused by the force of moving water, the class created realistic and effective rivers that worked brilliantly.  Videos of the running rivers to follow… Stay tuned!

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Year 4’s Sikhism Day!

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Yesterday we had a fantastic time learning all about Sikhism. We used our D&T skills to make Nishan Sahib flags, cooking skills to prepare a delicious curry, and our Numeracy knowledge to measure the ingredients for Karah Parshad (a type of sweet halva made with semolina, butter and sugar which is served after Sikh worship). We even transformed our classroom into a Langar (the kitchen/dining area where food is served in a Gurdwara to all visitors, without distinction of background, for free). Finally, having reflected on the importance of equality and service, we shared a wonderful meal whilst listening to some catchy Bhangra music!

We hope you enjoy the photos!

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Homework Information

Posted in Uncategorized on May 11, 2012 by Mr Davy

It would appear that children and families would like a little clarification regarding weekly homework tasks. There will be a letter going out on Monday to clarify the three main areas for home study: Reading, Maths and Spelling.

Due to the misunderstanding, the Times Table Challenge, which was scheduled for today, will take place on Monday. Can children practice their choice of two different Times Tables (2’s – 12’s) in preparation for Monday’s Challenge……*** Don’t forget the website links to the top right of this webpage ***

Year 4 River Investigation

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Year 4 visited the local stream today! We went for a wet and exciting walk to help us deepen our understanding of erosion and deposition in addition to the various features of rivers. We were met with an incredibly swollen stream that looked far more like a river! It showed us the powerful force of moving water and how this force cuts and shapes our landscape. The fast moving water demonstrated the principle of erosion as we were able to see the fast water wearing down the river banks and carrying the small pieces of soil and deposits along with it. The river had so much soil and matter within it that it was a deep brown colour.

Here are some photos of the visit. There are also some photos from last half term where Year 4 created their own river on the playground. See if you can see the: Source, Tributaries, Meander, Mouth, Upper Course and Lower Course of the ‘river’.

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Battle of Barnet 1471 – Wars of the Roses

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Today we furthered our understanding of the Wars of the Roses by learning about one of the battles that took place on a very foggy Easter Sunday in 1471. The Battle was between the Earl of Warwick and his cousin, King Edward IV. It was one of the first battles in global military history to use artillery on a grand scale, in addition, it is likely to be the first recorded instance of friendly fire. Approximately 15,000 soldiers fighting for the Earl of Warwick fought 12,000 soldiers supporting the King at the time and this all happened only a couple of miles from our school! The outskirts of  North Barnet may look pleasant and peaceful now but many years ago, on that foggy Sunday, it would have been a very different sight!

Year 4 learnt about the battle today from studying a variety of sources. One exciting source of information was the Battle of Barnet film made last year by the current Year 5’s. After consulting an expert on the Battle, I can confirm that all information included within the film is historically accurate. Except for one small difference…. can you remember what it is?

Here are some pictures of the Year 4’s collating facts about the  battle in small groups. Also see below for the film and for further links to sites about this historically significant battle.

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Battle of Barnet Film ============>>

If you want to find out more about the battle that we have been learning about in class, click the following links: