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Do you have an air raid shelter in your garden?!

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Thank you very much to one of our classmates for sharing the World War II bomb shelter found at the end of her garden. Here are some photos:

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Please do share with us any similar finds, stories from friends/ relatives or any artefacts you may have in lofts, cupboards etc. It is very exciting and the class are relishing the chance to be historians. Leave a comment on this post if you’d prefer to contact by email.



Being a Magpie. Being a Sponge. Being a Reader.

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Today we added another metaphor to our repertoire!

Not content with being  just Magpies, we are now trying to be sponges as well. 

In Year 4, we all aim to be engaging and exciting writers and authors. To do this we need to challenge ourselves but also encourage our family and friends to support us. Here is some information to help us:


Being a Magpie involves ‘taking shiny’ words and phrases from books, poems, films, TV and even conversations. If you hear or read an interesting and exciting word or phrase, make a note of it in your new reading record or on the Magpie wall. This will help you use these words to become more interesting writers.


Sponges absorb water. As learners we should activate our 5 senses and absorb the experiences around us. They are; sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. This will help us, particulalrly when writing. Use your experience to help shape and describe settings, characters and emotions. The best pieces of writing are those which build up an image and feeling in the reader’s mind. 


I cannot stress enough, the importance of reading and enjoying variety of books, magazines, newpapers etc. Reading a variety and texts gives us a varied and exciting vocabulary and greater grammar awareness. It is very important children read frequently (every night ideally). If your child is not enjoying reading at home, please come and speak with me and I will offer assistance and guidance.

If you have any questions or queries, please come and speak with me at the end of the day or call the Office to arrange a phone call or meeting.

Thank you!

Mr Davy

N.B. Here is our class sponge!


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Through the year, we will be developing and honing our speaking and listening skills.

Today the class carried out their first debate. We used language such as:

* In my opinion…

* I (strongly) believe …

– I’m afraid I don’t agree…

– I can understand your point of view, but have you considered…

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Sound of the Week and Grammar Games

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Hello everybody!

We have a new sound of the week which is the ‘Short e” sound. Homework books have gone home so that children can compile lists of words containing the new sound. The Spelling Investigation will again take place on Friday.

Please note that Tuesday’s P.E. lesson will take place on Wednesday for this week only.

Today we began to learn about the main word types contained in the English language.  These include Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs and Connectives (including the group of ‘time connectives’). The class will continue to learn about English Grammar through the year so that we may become more accurate and interesting writers. Play the following games to get more confident:

Click this link for a fun game for finding adjectives======= >

CLick this link to identify nouns ========== >

Here is a balloon game for finding verbs ==========>


Dig for Victory!

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In Forest School, we have been learning about plant growth and will continue to learn about  plant nutrition, seed germination and pollination.  We have also been learning about ‘Dig for Victory’, which was a Government drive to encourage the public to grow their own vegetables. Click the link to read more about it.


Here are some pictures of the class weeding our own Dig for Victory garden:

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Maths Challenge – Odd one out!

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We have been investigating a Maths problem and trying to find out all the different possible reasons why one playing card is the odd one out.

Click the link below to see a blog that is shared with a Mount Grace maths class. Leave a comment stating which card you think is the odd one out. (You can leave many different answers).

Welcome to Year 4!

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It was great to meet you all again after the Summer break and see how excited you are about learning, especially about our topic, World War II.

Here are some photos of the classroom and also teamwork building games in P.E:


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