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Mystery of the Buried Spitfires! Maths/History/Geography

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We’ve been learning about a hunt, which  is currently underway, to find 36 brand new Spitfires, buried in Burma during World War II.

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Today the class recreated this mission.

First they had to disassemble a Spitfire. Then, decide where to ‘bury’ the pieces amongst the school grounds. These areas were marked with cones and the children wrote down the correct coordinates. Pairs swapped coordinates and challenged each other to locate all the different pieces of spitfire.

During the activity, an amazing thing happened! A real Spitfire flew through the sky above our heads! Amazing!

Here are the pictures:





Amazing stories from World War 2 – Bernard Frank Franklin

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Thanks to one of the boys in our class for sharing such an amazing story. His Great Uncle was not only a wireman but also a diver during the war. He heroically saved lives by diving underwater and defusing depth charges which had been dropped by planes and attached to crashed aircraft. These explosive devices, set to explode at a specific depth, endangered many lives as well as Navy vessels and the port. Franklin successfully made the devices safe and won the Military Cross for the feat.

Here are some pictures including the young ‘Uncle Bernard’ and a newspaper article from the time.

What an amazing story!

If you have any stories,  friends  relatives who would like to share of their own or other’s experiences, please do not hesitate to contact me. This can be done through the school or by leaving a comment on this post.

Mr Davy

Air Resistance Investigation

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Year 4 have been learning about Air Resistance. To investigate this force, the class ran across the plyaground then repeated the exercise holding an umbrella in front of them.

The discussions that followed showed the children had gained good understanding of Air Resistance in stating that it is a force which slows down objects moving through the air.

The larger the surface area, the larger the air resistance.

See the pictures below: