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Lincolnsfield Trip

Posted in Uncategorized on December 21, 2012 by Mr Davy

Here are some photos from our trip last term where we learnt what it must have been like to have been evacuated!

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Some more to come….


VE-Day Party

Posted in Uncategorized on December 18, 2012 by Mr Davy

On Monday, the class were lucky enough to welcome Brian and Terry from the Potters Bar Historical Society. We were also lucky to meet Ray Bailey who was a young boy living in Deepdene during the war.

The guests shared some amazing stories from their experiences living in Potters Bar during World War 2 and how the war changed their lives. From running into bomb shelters after seeing V1 rockets (Doodlebugs) flying over, to waking up early to search the pavements for bits of shrapnel (anti-aircraft shell fragments) and bomb fragments. The guests brought these found items including some rather rare (and safe!) defused Nazi incendiary bombs and even a Nazi belt buckle, which was swapped for a large metal fragment of  a Nazi bomb. Many of the children agreed it was a great swap for Ray!

Although the children learnt of the ways in which children made light of the war, we were also reminded of the tragic results of warfare. Many photos show the devastation of local homes which were hit during WW2. An incredible story was also shared, in which a family narrowly missed being bombed after agreeing to keep an elderly resident company during the Air Raid. In many cases, luck decided whether some families survived the war.

All the photos are of Potters Bar and South Mimms. See if you recognise any locations!

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