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Curiosity – The Mars Rover

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To round off our Universe topic, Year 4 have been learning about NASA’s very exciting mission, Curiosity.

It truly is a magnificent achievement by the human race and we have thoroughly enjoyed viewing the stunning images sent back to Earth. In addition to researching the mission and the Rover itself, Year 4 have chosen some choice facts to share, which can be seen by clicking the link below:

In addition, the class have been investigating lever technology in a D&T session. Using this knowledge, the class have designed their own Mars rovers which will include a working ‘tool’.

Here are some photos… Keep checking back for images of the finished products. 

If you want to find out more, click the links below.

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Tree Planting – Heartwood Forest – Friday the 1st March 2013

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Wow! What a brilliant morning of tree planting!

Well done to Year 4 who smashed the previous record. We planted 297 trees! These trees included Oak and Field Maple. Can you remember any more species?

Click the link to find out more about the amazing Heartwood Forest project ===>

Also, check the Woodland Trust website for great learning resources and information about tree planting trips for families. ===>

Enjoy the photos: