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Battle of Bosworth Film & Maths Resources

Posted in Uncategorized on April 30, 2013 by Mr Davy

Over the coming weeks, Year 4 will be investigating the Battle of Bosworth, where Henry VIII defeated Richard III and became the first Tudor King. Drawing on this information, the children will plan and act out the battle which we’ll film.

Here’s a film the current Year 6 made about another battle in the Wars of The Roses, The Battle of Barnet.

Investigate the Battle by clicking the links and playing the simulator game to read about the different armies and possible outcomes.


Battle Sim======>

Woodlands Junior Site =====>

More detailed information =====.

Maths Resources

Over the past weeks, Year 4 have been investigating decimal numbers, rounding numbers, fractions, equivalent and simplifying fractions.

We’ve also been really challenging ourselves to gain a greater accuracy using Times Tables.

Here two links to useful sites which will develop Times Table recall.

Fishy Times Tables ====>

Grand Prix Game ====>

Keep practising those tables!


Try and find fantastic internet resources and games that will challenge us to further understand: decimals, rounding decimals, identifying fractions, equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. *** Leave a comment and paste a link ***


Mars Rover Buggies

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Here are some of the excellent Mars Rovers that the children designed and constructed.

See if you can identofy the working levers and cpnsider what they may have been designed to do!

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