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Battle of Bosworth Filming

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A huge well done to Year 4 for their professional planning, script writing, prop making and wonderful acting. Their research was of a very high quality and has lead to some excellent learning and acting.

We acted and filmed the battle this morning and it will take a while to download all the footage and edit the final film. We hope you can hold on until watch the finished film which will be posted on the blog as soon as it is ready. We will also have a premiere in September where we will share the film with the school!

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You have been passionate and committed readers this year and have a fantastic opportunity to continue this through the Summer.

There are an amazing selection of books, audio books and e-books available to tantalise and entertain over the 6 week break and we wouldn’t want to become ‘rusty’ readers over the Summer! 

The Library Service has challenged you to read at least six books over the Summer as part of the ‘Creepy House’ challenge. Here’s some information:

* It starts this Saturday (13th July) and finishes on the 7th September.

* It’s completely free!

* You will receive a poster and stickers (some are ‘scratch and sniff’!) 

* You will receive a glow in the dark bracelet! 

* If you successfully complete the challenge, you’ll receive a medal and certificate and share these with the school during a whole school assembly in September!

* It runs from all Libraries. Our local library is in Oakmere, near the bus garage on the High Street. Parking is available at the library and the PB1 local bus, which runs from the top Mimms Hall Road, ravels past the library.(info. at foot of email).

It would be fantastic if you all took on the challenge.

Leave a comment if you will take on the challenge and also tell us if you have enjoyed a particular book and want to recommend it. If you think the school should buy copies for our own library, leave a comment too!

Reading Challenge website:

Oakmere Library location and travel information:


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We had such an amazing time at Kentwell hall, where we travelled back in time to meet and learn from the Tudors!

Leave a comment to share your favourite memory or something that you learnt!

Here are some photos and a truly spectacular video made by Mrs Presho! Thank you so much from all at Year 4!

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