Introduction to the Solar System

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Our Solar System is the amazing collection of rocky and gaseous planet which orbit our star, the Sun.

Today we investigated the distance between planets and our Sun. If it takes at least 6 months to travel to Mars from the Earth, then how long must it take to travel to the Kuiper Belt at the edge of the Solar System, where you would find the dwarf planet, Pluto.

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To help remember the order of the planets, we learnt the mnemonic:

‘My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Noodles (Pepper?)’.

The first letter of each word helps us name the planets.
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (which is now regarded as a ‘dwarf planet’).

Can you think of your own Mnemonic to help remember the order of the planets? Leave a comment!!!

Here are some videos showing how our Solar System was created:

Click the link for a great short video ===>


The Universe

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Happy new year to you all! Fantastic to kick off our new topic today. The children asked really insightful questions and have already learnt about the Solar System and some of the planets within in it. Feel free to visit the classroom and see our Solar System and borrow a book from our class library.

Here is a song we learnt to help us remember orbits and the passage of time in our Solar System

Here is another video that helps us understand the scale of our Solar System, our Galaxy (the Milky Way) and other galaxies within our Universe. Some Physicists and Astronomers propose there could be many or even an infinite amount of Universes! Fascinating!

Evacuation to Lincolnsfield

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Today, the class were evacuees and traveled back to Britain in the 1940’s to see what life was like.

Throughout the day, the children were engaged and enjoyed learning and speaking with the wonderful staff/actors at the Lincolnsfield Childrens Centre.

Here are some photos of the day. There are some on our Twitter page and more to come!

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Times Tables Challenge

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The Year 4 team challenge you all to become confident and accurate with your Times Tables. Having an understanding of these will be invaluable as you progress through the latter half of Key Stage 2 and onto Secondary School.

Here are some good games to get you practicing. Fishy Times Tables is a good place to start. Once you are more confident, see if you can win the Grand Prix race!





Dig For Victory

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During World War II, the Government encouraged the General Public to ‘Dig for Victory’.

What did this mean? Why were they encouraging the public to do this through the Government issue Propaganda Posters?

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A New Academic Year – Welcome to Year 4!

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It has been such a pleasure to see how positive and engaged the class have been since we started in Year 4. We are all absolutely delighted to be teaching them and have already experienced some fantastic learning. The Summer homework projects are breathtaking and we welcome families to come and visit our classroom at the end of the day to explore the artefacts and share in the children’s learning journey.

As you know, the class are investigating the incredible history of the 20th Century including a focused study of World War II. Here are some links should you want to investigate these themes:



Here are some photos of the class. You will see team building games from our first day, photos from our classroom and the beginning of of Art and Design study of World War II Propaganda Posters.

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Battle of Bosworth Filming

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A huge well done to Year 4 for their professional planning, script writing, prop making and wonderful acting. Their research was of a very high quality and has lead to some excellent learning and acting.

We acted and filmed the battle this morning and it will take a while to download all the footage and edit the final film. We hope you can hold on until watch the finished film which will be posted on the blog as soon as it is ready. We will also have a premiere in September where we will share the film with the school!

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